East Pennsboro Community provides hyper local news and information for the East Pennsboro Region

For years, the East Pennsboro Community Facebook page has been a hub for local information about the East Pennsboro region. With more than 3400 followers, it's been known as the "go to" page for local information. If you advertise on here, your ad will automatically sent to the FB page as well.

In a township the size of East Pennsboro, with over 20,00 residents, local news can be often overlooked. New residents, in particular, may find news about the area hard to come by, which is why this site has been added as an extra information tool to augment the current Facebook page. This site will aggregate already reported on information and add new information about events and happenings across the township to help busy residents stay connected and informed.

East Pennsboro Community wants to be the premier online source for everything happening in East Pennsboro. To that end, feel free to contact us with information and suggestions. Just drop us a note at eastpennsborocommunity@gmail.com

Features of East Pennsboro Community:

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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