Zoning Hearing

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Pursuant to provisions of Part 24 of the East Pennsboro Township Zoning Ordinance, notice is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) will conduct a Public Hearing on THURSDAY, April 21, 2022 at 5:30 P.M. to hear the following variance requests:

APPLICATION: 22-02 Z APPLICANT: Northeast Fire and Rescue

Property Owner(s): Northeast Fire and Rescue

Tax Parcel: 09-12-2995-068, 066EX, 064 and 065

Property Address: 200, 202, 203 & 208 Third St., Summerdale, PA.

Zoning District: All Properties in the Residential District (R-1)

Applicant is requesting variances from Township Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 27):

(1) Sec. 1902.25.A (buffer yard) to permit no buffer yard on the east and west side of all properties and a 6’ buffer on the south side of property in lieu of the required 15’ buffer.

(2) Sec. 1902.25B (building height) to permit an increase in max building height of 35’ to 40’ and not increase 25’ front yard setback requirements on properties.

(3) Sec. 1902.25.C. (max. lot coverage) to permit a maximum lot coverage of 76% in lieu of the permitted 75%.

(4) Section 908. (front set back) to permit a minimum front yard setback of 14’ in lieu of the required 25’.

(5) Sec. 1901.2.A.(1)(c). (parking in buffer yard) to permit parking in the buffer yard of properties in lieu of no parking in the buffer yard.

(6) Sec. 2102.I.1 Table 27-21-1. (parking spaces) to permit parking spaces of 9’x18’ in lieu of the required 10’ x20’.

(7) Sec. 2102.1.I.(3)(B). (entrance and exit drives) to permit a 24’ wide two-way entrance and exit drive in lieu of the required 28’ width.

(8) Sec. 2102.1.I.(4). (truck parking) to eliminate all required truck parking spaces in lieu of the required 12’ x 75’ spaces.

(9) Sec. 2102.1.D. (parking in front yard setback) to permit parking in all front yard setback in lieu of No parking permitted in the front yard setback area.

(10) Sec. 2102.1.H. (parking lot ownership) to permit off premise parking on a neighboring property without the required agreement with Board of Commissioners and to have the agreement recorded with the Recorder of Deeds in Cumberland County.

(11) Sec. 2102.1.I(5)(b). (parking from lot line and buffer yard) to permit parking in the buffer yard and 4’ from exterior lot line in lieu of no parking in the buffer yard and no parking closer than 8’ of a lot line.

(12) Sec. 2103.1.B. (required number of parking spaces) to permit a total of 39 parking spaces in lieu of the required 75 parking spaces as per proposed development on properties.

(13) Sec. 2104. (loading area) to permit the reduction in size of loading/unloading space to 12’x20’ in lieu of the 12’x45’ space required.

Due to precautions related to COVID-19, The East Pennsboro Township ZHB will conduct this meeting both in-person at the East Pennsboro Township Community and Municipal Center, 98 South Enola Drive, Enola, PA and via Webex. All interested parties are urged to attend. Anyone wishing to attend or participate in-person requiring special accommodations or those wishing to attend or participate virtually should contact the Township Administration office 48 hours in advance at 717-732-0711 or email admin@eastpennsboro.net.

William Zysk

Chairman, Zoning Hearing Board

East Pennsboro Township
Enola, PA
United States

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